$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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ferentz Pred 7 minutami
hahahah such a cringey dude
ferentz Pred 6 minutami
so fake ...
TAPERETURN BEATS Pred 12 minutami
What happened with Trisha Paytas??
Babo *
Babo * Pred 3 minutami
Him and Jay were bullying her, making fun of her appearance, mocking her mental illness and s--cidal thoughts, not sure who, but someone involved with them doxxed her, released private info about her + her company which is now breached, judged her for renting her home and several other horrible things. And then she had a complete breakdown on her recent video, it’s so sad and horrible to watch this happen to another human being.
Hamza Dinçer
Hamza Dinçer Pred 12 minutami
emir Pred 12 minutami
not u advertising this
Hamza Dinçer
Hamza Dinçer Pred 14 minutami
Babo *
Babo * Pred 15 minutami
Stop telling him to apologize, people. This is way too serious, an apology is not gonna be enough for this one. He does not deserve a platform at all at this point. Disgusting and vile human being.
Lily Rodrigues
Lily Rodrigues Pred 27 minutami
Nobody asked... oh btw let me say this name Kanye west
STAN LOONA Pred 35 minutami
you are so cncelled in my heart... unsubscribed... unfollowed...
Foodsé in your area
Foodsé in your area Pred 47 minutami
Rylinn Naylor
Rylinn Naylor Pred 55 minutami
Jeffree you fr need to get rid of hairbyjay. I understand that Trisha can be problematic, but to blatantly shame her about her SUICIDE ATTEMPTS??! Yeah that’s beyond childish and disgusting, and if you continue to support him it only speaks volumes about your own character. 💔
Babo *
Babo * Pred minuto
Nah, he can get rid of both himself and Jay off this platform. They’re both disgusting. Birds of a feather flock together.
Leah Brigid
Leah Brigid Pred uro
I’m so furious with you right now, such a fucking cruel bully. I wasn’t a Trisha fan but your ‘friend’ is disgusting and bullying a woman.. way to let the Scorpio gang down..
Jemima Hoffman
Jemima Hoffman Pred uro
Guns are gross 🤢
Cosmic Seahorse
Cosmic Seahorse Pred uro
Disgusting bully
Destiny Carmona
Destiny Carmona Pred uro
Everyone in the comments telling Jeffree to get rid of his hairstylist realize that he is a big problem too right? 😭😭
Joe Krause
Joe Krause Pred uro
I admire Jeffree for being able to deal with the small group of nasty haters. The like to dislike ratio is huge and then you see the knee jerk reactors come out when they feel empowered. I commend his strength to not give in to some small batch of garbage
Michael M
Michael M Pred uro
Don't think anyone is listening anymore
alicia calkins
alicia calkins Pred uro
Nah, love ya
ZANB ورد
ZANB ورد Pred uro
Jessica Rowan
Jessica Rowan Pred uro
Wait So Can He Have Guns At His House? Cause I’m A Canadian & Literally Just Wondering!
Kay Babes
Kay Babes Pred uro
You’re a bully
Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham Pred uro
you are vile
makeup. pro4
makeup. pro4 Pred 2 urami
James Charles is better. Bby Xoxo
Desaray Raynor
Desaray Raynor Pred 2 urami
Wow jeffrey you and your friends are un believable. Y'all are heartless and FYI karma is coming sweetie 🙂✌️
L.A. Mathews
L.A. Mathews Pred 2 urami
You are a horrible person pure EVIL.
whitetangerine Pred 2 urami
You and hair by jay are so TOXIC AND DEMEANING TO WOMEN. How can it be ok to talk about women like that. Unsub
Karin Agnesia X IPS B absen 14
Karin Agnesia X IPS B absen 14 Pred 2 urami
apologize to trisha paytass! omfgg
Watch_anime09 Pred 2 urami
So are u going to talk about what’s been going on with Trisha and u and ur hairstyleist because I feel like u should speak on it
A S Pred 2 urami
Ur disgusting
crystal black
crystal black Pred 2 urami
I’ve lost respect for you. No longer a supporter.
Babo *
Babo * Pred 2 urami
Lmao keep deleting my comments
nolee yesi
nolee yesi Pred 2 urami
People so disgusted by Trishas video but damn read the comments on Jeffrees videos!! People can be horrible. Jeffree can’t take responsibility for anybody’s opinions or actions. Grown ass people in the comments but yall dumb as fuck. Jump on whatever is trending. Sad af
Kathleen Crews
Kathleen Crews Pred 2 urami
Please apologize to Trisha Paytas this is so not cool. I really wish you’d step it up a notch and do better for yourself. Money sometimes can make you very poor
westendboy 9
westendboy 9 Pred 2 urami
Jordan Gilmore
Jordan Gilmore Pred 2 urami
Wow never been the one to unsubscribe for drama but dang poor trisha I know my one sub won’t change anything but I can’t support this man anymore... terrible.
Classic Leslie
Classic Leslie Pred 2 urami
If your wig friend do not stop, he is going to get you in real trouble by crossing a threshold that will harm your reputation and marketplace.
Lavanya balaji
Lavanya balaji Pred 6 minutami
He said what Jeffrey said.
alien jess
alien jess Pred 2 urami
It wasnt just him it was also Jef.
Elizabeth Watt
Elizabeth Watt Pred 2 urami
alien jess
alien jess Pred 2 urami
Noo actually we dont need him to apologize. He is a nasty person. Trish knows it, we all know it now. So let's move on, forget about him.
Elizabeth Watt
Elizabeth Watt Pred 2 urami
Anele Kunene
Anele Kunene Pred 3 urami
Whose here from Trisha's video
Elijah Isam
Elijah Isam Pred 3 urami
Just unsub bc of the Trisha drama
hayley blackwood
hayley blackwood Pred 3 urami
Thought you were humble WRONG
Lavanya balaji
Lavanya balaji Pred 6 minutami
Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson Pred 2 urami
Wait what? you honestly thought Jeffree was humble? you're joking, right?
Angelina Chhakchhuak
Angelina Chhakchhuak Pred 3 urami
Why is jefree star video on ad ???
Hollie Chance
Hollie Chance Pred 3 urami
The Trisha situation needs to be addressed
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 3 urami
You’re so fake and mean Jeffree come back down to earth, I think you need a slice of humble pie. Your behavior, It’s not cute
Si Lan
Si Lan Pred 3 urami
Thats not a Drama anymore, that Crime!!!
Psychicoutlaw Chanel
Psychicoutlaw Chanel Pred 2 urami
Exactly! Unsubbed here, unfollowed on twitter. Multiple apologies mean nothing, actions mean everything!
chanchandeschamps Pred 3 urami
Fire hair by jay
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord Pred 3 urami
How does this ghoul still have a platform in 2021?
Autumn Pred 3 urami
What your friend did to Trisha was awful
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
The fact you can even surround yourself around a man like hairbyjay is GROSSSSS the things he said to Trisha are vile and disturbing. I know you’re no better than him. Go to hell
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
to think I ever liked you 🤢
kat Pred 3 urami
Bianca Huerta
Bianca Huerta Pred 3 urami
You’ve BEEN canceled but just came by to say you’re a disgusting human being ❤️
Kat Allen
Kat Allen Pred 3 urami
Totally makes me sick that it doesn’t even matter how many of us “cancel” Jeffree and stop supporting him, he will still be disgustingly rich and this literally means nothing to him. He’ll never see the damage he’s caused to trish because he’s so stuck in his own world. Because he has money, he thinks he can do and say whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Truly sick.
Ladina Kobler
Ladina Kobler Pred 47 sekundami
At the end. He will die lonley wirh nothing. He can take nothing wirh him. Just his heart. But his heart is black and heavy. He will never finde pice in live or in death. Trust me
Ladina Kobler
Ladina Kobler Pred minuto
Be patient. Carma is comming...
Haze Pred 2 urami
Sadly he probably is going to get away with it. Just because he is rich 🤮
Apples Pred 3 urami
drop that jay dude.....
Armo X
Armo X Pred 3 urami
Natalie Mira
Natalie Mira Pred 4 urami
I’ve stood by jefree for years and love his products ,, but after Nate left him ( which is I feel how he stayed grounded ) jefree you got worse . I’m sad and now have a disconnection to you and your brand ,, Shane saved your career once ,, how will that happen now ?
Sierra Charles
Sierra Charles Pred 4 urami
what a disgusting human... bullying is never okay no matter the circumstance or the person. you need a reevaluation of yourself! at least trisha is trying to do better, you don't even care about being such a terrible person. your heart must be dark and cold if you condone what you and jay have done.
Hanna Raines
Hanna Raines Pred 4 urami
Damn imagine going from 17M+ views to not even 2M because you got CANCELED for being a shitty human being. Nobody even wants your makeup anymore so ur giving pallets away for FREE.
nikki contreras
nikki contreras Pred 4 urami
i’m so done supporting you this shit w trisha cut the line ur a scumbag
MaM Of2
MaM Of2 Pred 4 urami
I’m so sad Jeffree. Fire publically your wig Guy. Do the right thing! NOW. YOUR GOIING TO LOSE!! Be a big guy! Please. It’s So sad!
Ana Pred 4 urami
Your little friend Jay looks like he was full on raging while being on c o k e
Angira Ghimirebista
Angira Ghimirebista Pred 4 urami
It's always the blonds
KC Pred 4 urami
EW, you are as gross as you were in the early 2000's. GROW UP, JEFF. You are the worst of the worst honestly.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Pred 4 urami
Money can’t buy a nice personality Jeffery I hope you know that.
Ashley Stachowiak
Ashley Stachowiak Pred 4 urami
When can we get a Jeffree narration of freaking anything. Like, a creepy pasta storytime. 😍
Spooki Monster
Spooki Monster Pred 4 urami
Go watch Trisha paytas exposing jeffree and jay
Vegas Poof
Vegas Poof Pred 4 urami
Following u “CANT RELATE” bye hunty ! CANCELLED !
CatsAreCool Pred 4 urami
Here for trisha
Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson Pred uro
Here for Trisha by giving Jeffree a view, that makes zero sense. By being here you're helping him make coin.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Pred 4 urami
I've been following you since MySpace was poppin.. never droppin bills on ur merch again. Thank your wig guy, you jus lost another ride or die. ✌✌
Chance of Clouds
Chance of Clouds Pred 4 urami
You and Jay need to sue Trisha for slander and defamation, she made a nasty video about you.
Armo X
Armo X Pred 3 urami
girl what? They were so cruel in how they spoke to trisha. If anything, trisha has a lawsuit again them
Spooki Monster
Spooki Monster Pred 4 urami
When she spoke the truth. She payed him and never insinuated it was jay who gave her a bad service. Jay exposed himself and his boss jeffree with that vial mouth and telling her to go kill herself.
Zippydodah Quirk
Zippydodah Quirk Pred 4 urami
How can people not see that this thing is pure EVIL?
Katherine Carter
Katherine Carter Pred 4 urami
!!!!Repeat after me!!!! ✨CANCELLED✨ CHAIN
ハードくそ Pred 4 urami
Tf did you do to trisha, jeffree? You really is disgusting and rude!!! I do much hate you for hurting others feelings
Suhail Surajpal
Suhail Surajpal Pred 4 urami
People need to stop saying that money doesn't buy him a personality. No one said it did. He's still got a very strong personality hun
Katherine Carter
Katherine Carter Pred 4 urami
Hi Jeffree I know you will probably never see this but I want you to know that I am extremely sad and disappointed. I have looked up and supported you for soo many years. You were a person that I wanted to be like. Someone I thought was such a strong person with MORALS but I want you to know that I have unsubscribed and unfollowed you on everything. The fact that you would rub your money in someone’s face and use your money and what you pay for as something to hold over someone’s head, ESPECIALLY someone you called a “friend” at the time, is just completely disgusting and embarrassing. The fact that you would body shame someone who has let it be known that they struggle with a ED and mental problems about their body is such a horrible thing and I can’t believe that you are capable of something so despicable. I hope you can apologize and realize where you went wrong, I hope you can get your “ friends “ in check. I want you to remember that if someone is so openly hateful on Live in front of hundreds of people just imagine how hateful and horrible they can be behind closed doors!! Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry actually I’m not sorry Jeffree what you did was wrong and mean. You are the one that should be sorry. Have a blessed day!
3stan Blueboi
3stan Blueboi Pred 4 urami
You look gorgeous with no make up!
Suhail Surajpal
Suhail Surajpal Pred 5 urami
Just to bring to light something, what Jay says, shouldn't concern Jeffree. Jay is not part of jeffrees "crew". He's someone who's being paid, as a service provider, to do jeffrees hair.
Fantasia Pred 5 urami
Unsubscribed ✌🏽✌🏽
Arielle Barr
Arielle Barr Pred 5 urami
MvMarriagefirst Pred 5 urami
Here after Trisha's video about jeffree & hairbyjay, stop bullying! It's not okay to treat someone like that even if it's Trisha. Apologize & do better!
Liz M
Liz M Pred 5 urami
Fire Him , dont use him if you truly don't condone what he is saying , show that !
Harkin K Turner
Harkin K Turner Pred 5 urami
Justice for trish
G Reeves
G Reeves Pred 5 urami
I've been following you since MySpace was poppin.. never droppin bills on ur merch again. Thank your wig guy, you jus lost another ride or die. ✌✌
Whitney Henry
Whitney Henry Pred 5 urami
Unsubbed you are absolutely such a horrible toxic and straight up the cruelest person online. There's a reason your hairstylist felt so comfortable so say the most unnerving and gross things
Spooki Monster
Spooki Monster Pred 5 urami
I’m happy Trisha Paytas exposed who you truly are a vile monster. Your inner circle just exposed themselves and you. You shouldn’t be body shaming a woman like that your man. And your hairstylist is just a man too. Why are you ruining the gay community with that misogynist behavior.
XCatX Pred 5 urami
He's a horrible person though.
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink Pred 5 urami
What a nasty vile poor excuse for a thing... you must be so unhappy with yourself... no wonder why you couldn’t keep your man
Skylynn Denning
Skylynn Denning Pred 5 urami
Acidic Pred 5 urami
Beauty fades, a good person doesn’t. Your Karma will come for everything you put Trisha through
Spaghett Me,not
Spaghett Me,not Pred 5 urami
Ew it’s still breathing . Put it down
KamariaJ Pred 5 urami
Can you bring back that parka?! 😍
Fatima Fabian
Fatima Fabian Pred 5 urami
I’ve been a loyal fan/customer from when you were nothing to now . What jay did it’s unacceptable. Fat shamming ? Skin shaming!? It’s 2021 . This is so sad . I’m uncomfortable even being in this channel. Unsubscribing till I see an apology from Jay and you .
Lovlei Charlo
Lovlei Charlo Pred 5 urami
Why aren’t you wearing a mask
Miss Danii
Miss Danii Pred uro
@Leydi La Did you not watch the whole video? 😂
Leydi La
Leydi La Pred 3 urami
Because he’s at home, duh. 😂
flirtyfawn Pred 5 urami
You’re a disgusting person. I used to admire you so much, I went to bat for you with the KVD situation, but you’re just a mean, mean person and deserve nothing.
Autumn Jones
Autumn Jones Pred 5 urami
I think you are getting canceled sweetie
Miss Danii
Miss Danii Pred 43 minutami
@Leydi La Hahaha. You do not have to support Trisha to see Jeffree Star is a toxic human. I supported him from back in the MySpace days until I realised what kind of human he is after the Dahvie Vanity situation.. Took me quite some time to open my eyes but I’m glad I did, clearly you haven’t. 😂
Leydi La
Leydi La Pred 3 urami
Never! Still 12million plus more followers than Trasha.
Isaac Scruggs
Isaac Scruggs Pred 5 urami
someone please turn Jeffree shooting that gun into a meme!!!! LMAOOOOO
Alexandra Villalobos Gonzalez
Alexandra Villalobos Gonzalez Pred 5 urami
You should review catherines new 1212 Gateway skin Care line !!!!! Havnt seen any influncers review her products !!
Valerie Pred 6 urami
Jeffree I'm like sad rn I really can't... I wish all this isn't true. How could you hang out with a guy like that?!! How could you say such horrible things to Trisha?? Are you inhuman? You promise us that you are a changed & better person!!!!
Miss Danii
Miss Danii Pred 41 minuto
Welcome to the world.. People hide their true colours and BAM it smacks you in the face.. Turns out they were just a horrible human all along.
Joe Krause
Joe Krause Pred uro
And you’re 12? Life is tough and you’ll have a hard time with that thin skin
Sayang Gillespie
Sayang Gillespie Pred 6 urami
There’s a reason why so many people leave you and never want to be apart of your circle.. and the ones that stays only for money. You’re toxic.
Adam Brokas
Adam Brokas Pred 6 urami
Jeffrey, please. Get rid of HairByJay. Get. Rid. Of. Him. You’ve had hair people before, you’ll have hair people after. His behavior is inexcusable. If he’s willing to act like this FOR you, it’s only a matter of time before he does it TO you.
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