I Have Some REALLY Bad News.
Doing What's Right
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First Date Does My Makeup
We Broke Up.
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Never Doing This Again.
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alyson enos
alyson enos Pred 22 urami
I have thought about moving to Wyoming it’s so pretty hopefully soon
SELF - REINVENTION Pred 22 urami
If only the dogs could speak... They hold the truth
Amarri Baker
Amarri Baker Pred 22 urami
Daniela Hinchman
Daniela Hinchman Pred 22 urami
Wow, your transparency in this video is so comforting. I hate my fillers so much.. They've made me so insecure and I am so looking forward to getting them removed
Vanessa Piamonte
Vanessa Piamonte Pred 22 urami
Nirka Imamovic
Nirka Imamovic Pred 22 urami
Great video, what shots you took are totally beautiful, which I propose on my channel!
Nirka Imamovic
Nirka Imamovic Pred 22 urami
Great video, what shots you took are totally beautiful, which I propose on my channel!
Nirka Imamovic
Nirka Imamovic Pred 22 urami
Great video, what shots you took are totally beautiful, which I propose on my channel!
Lily Crump
Lily Crump Pred 22 urami
It’s the fact that he pointed the gun at the camera man for me girl 💔
Trip Bayres
Trip Bayres Pred 22 urami
We need an update hun!!!
Alexa LaVine
Alexa LaVine Pred 22 urami
Anyone else still not get their mystery boxes?
Mara Diaz-Morny
Mara Diaz-Morny Pred 22 urami
Girrrl!. Glitter AR is my 2021 birthday wish 🙌🏽💕💕🙏🏽
Sandra Vermeulen
Sandra Vermeulen Pred 22 urami
Can't be exited about an overpriced mascara when Jeffree is almost launching one himself that is probably better and less expensive with more exiting packaging...
R sankar
R sankar Pred 22 urami
Im only intrested to know how you became rich.
Bu kız mı erkek mi
Sheen Pardillo
Sheen Pardillo Pred 23 urami
I really like you so much much muchhhhhhhhhh
jessie jennings
jessie jennings Pred 23 urami
Prolly simple to keep the price down ! I’m hear for it !
butler vlogs
butler vlogs Pred 23 urami
The amount of times he said huh? ↓
Rukhsana Zaidi
Rukhsana Zaidi Pred 23 urami
Lmfao I’m crying this is funny as shit😂😂😂 I didn’t get the Pakistan comment though lol.
SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup Pred 23 urami
Love ya JeffreeStar 😘
Don E. Ukegbu
Don E. Ukegbu Pred 23 urami
68 dollars!? Lol I would probably be using a single bottle throughout highschool 🤣🤣
bEcAuSe i Am zOe fUcKinG LavErNe
bEcAuSe i Am zOe fUcKinG LavErNe Pred 23 urami
they are cancelled but this video still stays superior
devastated hamster
devastated hamster Pred 23 urami
Why at first when i saw the thumbnail while scrolling i thought it was millie bobby brown
H Pred 23 urami
*gets eggs from the neighbour* "I love how guys grow their own food around here" 😂
BooksBeautyLifestyle Pred 23 urami
I love you babe 💗
Antonino Godoy
Antonino Godoy Pred 23 urami
i so love jeffreestar and nikita. god bless you both.
masen ora
masen ora Pred 23 urami
jeffree please review rare beauty
Laura S
Laura S Pred 23 urami
Garrett and Jeffrey are so different it makes me laugh that they get along so well.
Emily Doorman
Emily Doorman Pred 23 urami
"2019 has been a roller coaster year" 2020: bitch just wait
Lizzie Kurzawa
Lizzie Kurzawa Pred 23 urami
Trish:Let’s eat Jeffree:keeps talking
Lump Lizard
Lump Lizard Pred dnevom
STRONGGGGG Sarah Palin vibes here
Jeffree: I can imagine him just wearing this. Me: Pervert, but okay I guess.....
Zhaniee Pred dnevom
Omg Jeffree! I am loving this vlogging! Please keep this up, more close-up and it looks way more natural. Just like a travel vlog! ♡♡♡♡♡
Doctora Amor Martínez
Doctora Amor Martínez Pred dnevom
Cheryl Laura
Cheryl Laura Pred dnevom
She is my whole mood. She's funny af🤣
BanjieGyal Pred dnevom
You can tell Jeffree is really happy to be out of LA and in a more “country” styled state.
Cora Postman
Cora Postman Pred dnevom
Finally! Missed you Jeffree ❤️
Courtney Watson
Courtney Watson Pred dnevom
who else is watching this because they work at tj maxx😂
Bujang Tasty
Bujang Tasty Pred dnevom
Vice ganda
Rool Jeffry
Rool Jeffry Pred dnevom
8:19 Trisha said to Jeffree that someone will steal their drinks and Jeffree reply has me dead like who? Im locking the car. 🤣🤣
Reeseknowsbest Pred dnevom
Why aren’t they wearing masks
Mark Pitout
Mark Pitout Pred dnevom
Wow, What an awesome guy
TM KLM Pred dnevom
2:36 Meme Vice?!
Sandra Djukic
Sandra Djukic Pred dnevom
That a guuccii 😂☹️
Nguyenhoang Han
Nguyenhoang Han Pred dnevom
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
Marcia Syme
Marcia Syme Pred dnevom
What are you doing about the global pandemic of infanticide? At the beginning of lockdown 2020, approximately 10 million babies had been aborted. This year so far there have 1.5 million abortions. ‘According to the WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.’ Kinda makes you think! #BABIES LIVES MATTER #SAVE OUR UNBORN #CAMPAIGN OF CONSCIENCE NEW DAY, NEW CRUSADE!
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Pred 22 urami
@Marcia Syme I didn't know you were offering to adopt all of those 50 million kids, from every single country in the world and offering to take all of them into your home. How sweet.
Marcia Syme
Marcia Syme Pred 23 urami
@Christopher Thomas Is Trump really such a bad guy? Trump advocated for the abolishment of abortion and succeeded in the State of Georgia. Ruth Bader Ginsburg advocated for the termination of life at full term and succeeded in the State of New York. Kinda makes ya think! #BABIES LIVES MATTER #SAVE OUR UNBORN # CAMPAIGN OF CONSCIENCE NEW DAY, NEW CRUSADE Triggered yet! I’m #THE GIRL WHO TRIGGERED THE WORLD I’m a Christian Soldier marching as to war and I’m rallying the troops. God Bless💖🙏
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Pred 23 urami
Okay karen
Maria Gomez
Maria Gomez Pred dnevom
Wear a f****** mask! This is not a joke...
neveen Hussain
neveen Hussain Pred dnevom
Why does she sound like a boy or is it normal ?? I found it normally like while I was watching Harry Potter then I was like Gucci sells makeup for cheap even tho Idc bout makeup but my sis wanted some so ya but really also she looks like a boy I don’t think she is a girl is she
Niki Nichole
Niki Nichole Pred dnevom
I love you. Keep up the good work!!!! Xoxo
biorbor nl
biorbor nl Pred dnevom
Jeffree, you wanna go back to music? I want to work with you!
دنوشه دنوشه
دنوشه دنوشه Pred dnevom
لا والله
Hannah Khan
Hannah Khan Pred dnevom
“Cuz I had chlamydia twice” 👁👄👁 whatdidshesayyyyyyy
Scott Adventure's
Scott Adventure's Pred dnevom
I love It
Laney C
Laney C Pred dnevom
$68 dollar foundation.... has 10 bottles of it 😆 Me: can't afford 1
ActiveLadyy Pred dnevom
I come back to watch this like 3 times once a week omg lmfao
Rata_Tree Pred dnevom
I love Jeffree so much xo
Turquoise Ocean
Turquoise Ocean Pred dnevom
I live that " haaaan "😂💕
Rafa Rodriguez
Rafa Rodriguez Pred dnevom
i don't know if im feeling this Susan wig sister
sam Harvey
sam Harvey Pred dnevom
Here’s one, fuck off
Katie Hutson
Katie Hutson Pred dnevom
Tatiana Garcia
Tatiana Garcia Pred dnevom
YES! Please let her have fur babies😭🙏🏽💙😍 I would love to adopt one from you if you decide to let her get pregnant with puppies! They would be absolutely beautiful 🥰 Please keep me in mind Jeffree!🙏🏽 About 5 years ago now my baby boy Semper Fidelis passed away due to a couple of pitbulls escaping and attacking him and they were sadly put down afterwards, I agree what they did wasn't right at all & they should have gotten some help/training/a real loving healthy new home. But then again it definitely wasn't right that they tore my baby up like they did or being outside at all where there was no fence at all. unfortunately I didnt have a choice or the resources to get them help instead 😭🙏🏽
ShanWiltshire Pred dnevom
Everyone hates on Scorpios cause they ain’t Scorpios. I’ll either say scorpi’YO or fuck off. I’m English try and deport meeeee
Tali Leckie
Tali Leckie Pred dnevom
I loved this vid!!!💖💖 can’t wait for more vids
The Magickal Mastermind
The Magickal Mastermind Pred dnevom
There was far more foundation put on the Full Gucci side as well, tho
Mariah Krueger
Mariah Krueger Pred dnevom
This is so amazing for you Jeffree to see you grow. Love all these and hope one day I can own every shade or close to it!
Teresita Villasenor
Teresita Villasenor Pred dnevom
wow super awesome
Lawinia AryDomElv
Lawinia AryDomElv Pred dnevom
You eat like a bitch 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Sierra Pred dnevom
It's the no masks and poor gun safety for me...
The Magickal Mastermind
The Magickal Mastermind Pred dnevom
Please review the new Auric Brand by Samantha Ravndahl ❤️ it looks gorgeous and stands for amazingness! ❤️
Rata_Tree Pred dnevom
I love Jeffree so much and I don't even wear makeup.
shelovveeesfash 24by7
shelovveeesfash 24by7 Pred dnevom
Forget the rumours I absolutely loved ur hairdo myDarling so vintage
karla valencia
karla valencia Pred dnevom
Nothing related to this rumor. Can you please review the bareMinerals make up please!!! 🙏🏼
Stephen N
Stephen N Pred dnevom
ملك العشق
ملك العشق Pred dnevom
Nathan Carr
Nathan Carr Pred dnevom
Did you he move to Wyoming or is he just staying there for awhile?!
Ollie Barnes-Holt
Ollie Barnes-Holt Pred dnevom
i mean he did tweet “last night was fun kayne” like pls
WhiteRose Pred dnevom
Are those 2 dating?
Elen Ayvazyan
Elen Ayvazyan Pred dnevom
sax qomery hayen😂
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Pred dnevom
ngl...he’s still looks good.
Renee Arrowood
Renee Arrowood Pred dnevom
SOOOO OMG NEXT TIME! you should use the different primers on the top and bottom of your face instead of one side 🥳😎🤠